Scheme ‘Utkarsh’ UG & PG Scholarship on the Basis of MRNAT’2020:

Scheme ‘Utkarsh’ is for candidates taking Admission within a period from 1st April 2020 to 31st May 2020)


 The suitable free ship shall be available to high achievers in the field of sports, persons suffering from Thalassaemia Major, sons/daughters of Army Personnel who have been killed in war/ terrorist attack, physically handicapped students etc. on case to case basis.


The candidate seeking admission under any of the above categories of sports shall be required to produce the relevant documents of proof of his/her participation and Medal Won. Sports Committee under Director-Sports will take the final decision regarding Scholarship.

The scholarship under this category shall be given in the first semester and its continuation shall be decided by a committee constituted by the Competent Authority of the Institution / University.


Candidate can avail a maximum of one Scholarship at a time, amongst clause B, C, D, E, F, G, H & L as listed above.

Total Freeship/scholarships to students under all categories stated above (B to H & L) put together shall be limited to maximum 10% of the sanctioned intake for the programme of admission.


In order to motivate the students for better and sustained academic performance, MREI offers Merit Scholarship other than Scholarship/ free ship enumerated below, for students securing first, Second and Third positions in the Odd & Even semester exams (based on the amalgamated SGPA/ CGPA) every year for each programme being run at MREI, as under:

  1. a) First Position : 25% of Tuition Fee or Rs. 25000/- whichever is less
  2. b) Second Position : 15% of Tuition Fee or Rs. 15000/- whichever is less
  3. c) Third Position :  10% of Tuition Fee or Rs. 10000/- whichever is less

The following are the guidelines for grant of above Merit Scholarships: 

Any programme must have strength of 90 or more in semester exam to qualify for first, second and third position scholarship; otherwise only a solitary topper shall be given a solitary first position scholarship.

If the strength of a course is 10 or less no scholarship will be awarded for that course.

A student shall be eligible to benefit for tuition fee waiver only from one source only.


Manav Rachna University offers Scholarship based on merit cum means, to the candidates admitted under reservation for Haryana Candidates. Scheme shall be applicable to all Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programs. The Scheme is applicable to all the students whose parents have annual income up to Rs.2.80 Lac from all sources. Under the scheme, the students shall be given fee waiver limited to the tuition fee as per the following scale. Candidates are required to pay other fee as applicable to the programme concerned.

One fifth of the twenty five percent shall be granted full tuition fee concession,

Two fifth of the twenty five percent shall be granted fifty percent fee concession,

The balance two fifth of the twenty five percent shall be granted twenty five percent fee concession.

Conditions for Continuation of Scholarship in Subsequent Years

Applicants must fulfill the following criteria for claiming the fee concession:

The attendance criteria of the university

Maintain a minimum CGPA of 7.0. However, if any student considered for fee concession in the first year fails in any of the subject, he/she may be considered for continuation of fee concession provided that he/she shall have to clear the subjects in the subsequent academic year failing which he/she may 7 not be considered for the continuation of Fee Concession.

Applicants should not have been suspended for any grave act of indiscipline by the university.

No disciplinary action against the applicant is contemplated or pending in case of ragging or eve-teasing.

The applicant should not be receiving any other scholarship from any other source whatsoever, for which a certificate signed by student & parents is to be provided.


For purpose of Scholarship/tuition fee waiver, the marks will not be rounded off to the next higher figure and calculation of percentage of marks shall be made on the basis of eligibility subjects in the qualifying examination (same number of subjects).

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