Important Biology gk questions and answers pdf

 Important Biology Questions asked in Previous Year Papers

 Dear Readers, Biology covers a good number of questions making it an important topic to cover in SSC Exams. Around 5-8 questions asks from Biology which surely makes it important for you to study the topic well for upcoming SSC Exams. Here are previous year questions of Biology which you should not ignore. So we are providing Biology gk questions and answers pdf

The part of the brain which is concerned with muscular co-ordination in the body –Cerebellum 

The structure for the alteration of the shape of the lens – Ciliary body/ ciliary muscles 

The structure for the constriction of the pupil in bright light – Iris

 The nerve which transmits impulses from the eye to the brain – Optic Nerve

 The muscles in the human eye which are concerned with the following of objects at different distances – Radial and circular muscle/ ciliary muscle 

The unit of nervous system – Neuron

The neurons which carry impulses from receptor to brain – Sensory neurons 

The neuron which transmits impulses from brain to the effector organ – Motor neurons 

The lower part of brain which contains reflex centre – Spinal Cord 

The number of spinal nerves in man- 31 pairs 

The middle coat of the eye, soft vascular and thin layer – Choroid

 The sensitive cells present in the retina – Rods and Cones 

The smallest bone in the human body – Stapes 

Most important part of nervous system- Brain 

The membrane covering the brain and spinal cord – Meninges 

Response to a stimulus without the intervention of the will of an animal – Reflex Action 

The point in the centre of the retina where the rods and cones are highly concentrated –Yellow Spot

 One neuro-transmitter – Acetyl Choline 

Defect of the eye in which distant objects are not seen clearly – Myopia 

Defect of the eye in which near objects are not seen clearly – Hypermetropia 

A bony socket in which eye is well protected – Orbit

 A small opening in the centre of the Iris – Pupil 

Inner sensitive coat of the eye ball – Retina 

The organ of hearing – Ear 

The structure of the ear which helps in the balancing of the body- Semi-circular canals 

Jelly-like material filled in the space between the lens and the retina- Vitreous humour 

The fluid filled in the space between the cornea and the lens – Aqueous humour 

The structure that protects the eye-ball and maintains its shape – Sclera

The structure that has a sensory organ called ‘organ of corti’ – Cochlea 

The defect of the eye caused due to the uneven curvature of the cornea – Astigmatism 

The parts of autonomous nervous system – Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system 

The nerves which transmit impulses from ear to the brain – Auditory Nerve