For many people, working online would be a dream come true. If they could find a way to work online, they could spend more time with their family, quit their job to focus on entrepreneurship, and take utter control of their life and time.

There are a lot of services available online to make money. Some people even live off the money they make online. Some of you may think it’s hard to earn on digital platforms but trust me it’s not. One of the very common online money-making practices includes surveys, freelancing work, reviews, starting your own brand, social media management, and online tutoring. You have to put your mind to what you really want to do, and once you get to it, making money will be a really simple task.

Some of the best working platforms and strategies are mentioned below.



This is the most common and easy way to make money online. According to a study by MBO Partners there are more than 15 million full-time freelancers worldwide earning more than $100,000 per year. For some of the work you just need to have some skills like content writing, video editing, graphic designing, social media manager, etc. 

Some freelance jobs are also available which need less or no skills. The followings are some jobs.

1.Data Entry 

2.Data Mining 

3.Off page SEO 

4.Personal assistants 

5.Email handling


7.Some type of social media marketing

8.Blog commenting

Popular freelancing websites are Freelancer , Upwork , Designhill, Toptal, We Work Remotely, Behance  etc.

Affiliate Marketing: 

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most common and highly profitable ways of making money online. The market for Affiliate Marketing is expected to reach $6.8  billion by 2020 and 81% of brands already rely on affiliate marketing. 

In this process, a third party (affiliate) promotes the products of a  company and receives a commission in exchange for any sales made through the affiliate link. When we see links that directly take us to the product which we want to buy and if we end buying the product through that link  then we have given a small portion of the commission to the owner of that link. 

Following are the  highest paying sites for affiliate marketing:

  1. Amazon associate
  2. eBay partnership
  3. ShareAsale affiliates
  4. Shopify affiliate program 
  5. 3dcart



During coronavirus lockdown where most of the people lost their jobs. There is a huge need of finding earning sources. Most people look forward to one such way to earn money from home. One of the most trusted platforms to make this dream come true is YouTube .YouTube videos can be made on any topic e.g. social, religious, cultural, comedy, drama, etc.

If you have command of any skill or have knowledge of something you are welcomed by YouTube. YouTubers make money when their channel is monetized. YouTube runs advertisements on their videos and they get their share from YouTube. As any YouTube channel grows and gains more audience, big companies and brands sponsor their videos which allow them to make hefty sums of cash.

Steps  to make money on youtube

  • Create a YouTube channel with a good name that perfectly resembles the content you are going to create.
  • Create quality content for the viewers.
  • Open a Google AdSense account and switch on monetization.
  • Add all the necessary details and if the account is not being monetized then use 3rd party ad providers rather than google AdSense.
  • Always remember that content is the king.

Money Blogging:

money blogging

Today many people are earning millions of rupees per month by blogging. However some things that are very important for you to know. If you do not know about these small things, then you may face many problems while creating your blog.

If you have understood the blog well then there will not be much difficulty in blogging. When you set up your own blog and write articles on it regularly, this work is called  Blogging.

People usually have two purposes for blogging –

  1. Sharing your knowledge, thoughts, and experience for free.
  2. Make money from your knowledge, thoughts, and experiences.

You can have any of these objectives. What is the difference between Blog and Website (Difference between blog and website in Hindi). Talking about the difference between a blog and a website, we can say that all blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs.

Platforms where you can write your blogs. 

  1. Blogger – If you want to start in the field of blogging, then this platform will be best for you because it is free. It will not cost you a single penny. Blogger is Google’s product so there is no need to doubt it. Talking about the deficiency, it is just that on this you cannot customize your blog too much. Apart from this, there is another drawback that it gets a little less money.
  1. WordPress Platform – WordPress is for those bloggers who can invest money initially. In WordPress, you get many options to customize your blog. Apart from this, bloggers do not face much problem in maintaining their blogs. You also get more money from this.

If you are wondering how to get money from a blog  then the answer is very simple. Getting money from blogging is very easy. First of all, you have to register an account in Adsense. After this, you will have to fill your Bank Account information in Adsense.

When your account reaches 100 dollars with Adsense, then Adsense will automatically transfer all this money to your bank account, which you can withdraw at any time. Now you must know how to get money from a blog. 

Steps to writing a blog and make money:-

  1. Choose a topic for your blog
  2. Choose Platform to Build Your Blog on. Like (WordPress or blogger)
  3. Choose the correct Domain Name for your blog website from a company like GoDaddy , Hostinger, Namecheap, etc.
  4. Buy Hosting for your Blog website from a company like GoDaddy , Hostinger, Hostgator, etc.
  5. Choose a Theme for Your Blog
  6. Create the necessary page for your blog
  7. Start writing a post for your blog.
  8. Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your blog


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You must have noticed that when you search for something in Google, a lot of blogs or websites are opened. Out of them, we only open the top 2-3 positioned websites. If your blog or website does not appear in the top three results, then it will not be of any importance.

If you don’t know about SEO then you can learn online or hire an SEO expert. Without good SEO you can not drive traffic to your blog. 

  1. Add Your Blog to Adsense 

Adsense is a product of Google INC  which acts as a bridge between you and the advertiser. All advertisers are there, they do not give all their ads directly to this company named Adsense. This company puts Ads on your blog.

Until now you will not join this company, who will give you Ad and until you do not get Ad, then from where will you earn. So you have to connect with Adsense.

Make money by selling online photos:


In today’s time, this question comes to the mind of many people and some people use the internet to find the answer to this question and you are one of those people. The good thing is that you have come to the right page because on this page we have shared information about earning money by selling photos online, by reading which you can easily earn money by selling photos.

Below are some easy steps to follow to earn money by selling photos online.

Step # 1. First of all, you have to register on the website that sells photos. You can easily create an account by filling in almost simple information on all websites. Note: Some Websites to Sell Photos are given below.

Step # 2. According to the policy of the website, you will have to upload some photos to your account.

Step # 3. The team of uploaded photo website will check for which you will have to wait from 24 hours to 72 hours.

Step # 4. If your photo will be fine according to the policy of the website, then your photo will be approved.

Step # 5. After that, you can upload and sell as many photos as you want.

Step # 6. You just have to upload the photos in your account on the website and people will buy the uploaded photos from the website.

Step # 7. As soon as someone buys your photo, their money will come to your website account.

Do not worry about money because after selling photos you can send your money to the bank account.

Once your account was created on the website given below and you got Approval. After that, you will have to add a Bank Account or Paypal Account to your account according to the policy of the website. Which will give you money.

The payment process of all the websites are different, if someone gives money to a bank account, then a website gives you Paypal Account money.

 Popular websites to Create Online Photos are

Online Sale of Products:

online sell of product

E-commerce is the current trending business where one can sell/buy products from any part of the

world. E-commerce increased the competitive nature of the business more than selling products

offline. Also from the customer front, it made the work easier to check a variety of products available just

by sitting at home. Because of these plausible reasons, E-commerce had a huge welcome by the

people and had better reach in the market. Many started selling via e-commerce rather than

creating a separate shop by renting or buying some places dedicatedly. So E-commerce is surely a boon to both the consumers and sellers in many ways. Some popular websites to sell your products are amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, eBay, Etsy, Chairish, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Nextdoor.

Make money by Online Survey:

online surveys

Online surveys are a platform where various marketing companies ask you for your review about a product or service, meaning your opinion is taken about them so that they can make them more correct. When you do a survey, there are some Daily Life Questions in it and then suggestions about a product or service. Like you do shopping from which website, which app do you use to make payment? Or if you like Mobile which, Android App which is right, there are only such questions which you have to answer. These questions are asked by the marketing company through some online websites that we call online surveys and after completing these surveys, we pay them.

For this, first, you have to register on some Survey Websites and create a profile of your own. Therefore, whenever a new survey comes, it will be sent to your E-Mail ID. Then you can fill that survey by clicking on it.

The list of websites with online surveys is very long but on which I have been registered and have really paid, there are only a few such websites, out of which I found it right.


IPanel Online Survey

Global test market

The Panel Station

AIP Surveys

These are just a few survey websites apart from this, there is more you can see about them in the section with an online survey and you can join what you feel is right.

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