DEAR READER We are providing 20 uttarakhand GK Question set . Which will be Helpful To you for your upcoming exam like uksssc group c exam, UKPSC exam and other exams of uttrakhand. you can also download the uttrakhand GK PDF file.

Question No: 1. Where is Kempty Fall is situated ?
(A) Mussoorie,
(B) Nainital,
(C) Lansdown,
(D) Almora
Ans:- (A)

Question No:2.In which district Lansdown is situated ?
(A) Chamoli,
(B) Haridwar,
(C) Pauri,
(D) Pithoragarh
Ans:- (C)

Question No: 3.where is Surya Temple ?
(A) Baijnath,
(B) Dwarhat,
(C) Bhimgoda,
(D) Katarmal
Ans:- (D)

Question No: 4. ‘Nagrik and Soyam forest development project’ launched In which region of Uttarakhand ?
(A) Kumaon region,
(B) Garhwal region,
(C) Both in (A) and (B),
(D) Entire state
Ans:- (C)

Question No: 5 Rishikesh is situated At the bank of which river?
(A) Ghaghara,
(B) Ganga,
(C) Sharda,
(D) Yamuna
Ans:- (B)

Question No: 6. where is famous Golu Devta temple is?
(A) Jageshar Temple,
(B) Chittai Temple,
(C) Drongiri Temple,
(D) Kasar devi Temple
Ans:- (B)

Question No: 7. Kedarnath Temple is situated in which district?
(A) Rudraprayag,
(B) Uttarkashi,
(C) Chamoli,
(D) Tehri
Ans:- (A)

Question No:8. The distinguished lady of the uttarakhand state who has been honoured with an international recognition in 2000 is?
(A) Mranal Pandey,
(B) Shivani,
(C) Kalawati Rawat,
(D) Tara Pandey
Ans:- (C)

Question No: 9.where is Omkareshwar temple is located?
(A) Joshimath,
(B) Kalimath,
(C) Ukhimath,
(D) Adi Badri
Ans:- (C)

Question No: 10. Which of the following countries, boundaries touch the Uttarakhand state?
(A) Nepal-Pakistan,
(B) Tibet-Pakistan,
(C) Tibet-China,
(D) Tibet-Nepal
Ans:- (D)

Question No: 11. Joshimath is located in?
(A) Pauri,
(B) Uttarkashi,
(C) Almora,
(D) Chamoli
Ans:- (D)

Question No: 12. Where is Naina Devi Temple ?
(A) Rishikesh,
(B) Almora,
(C) Nainital,
(D) none
Ans:- (C)

Question No: 13. Where is the agriculture universities of Uttarakhand?
(A) Pant Nagar,
(B) Pauri,
(C) Rudra Prayag,
(D) Roorkee
Ans:- (A)

Question No: 14. What is Lansdowne?
(A) A tourist place,
(B) An industrial area,
(C) A recreational place,
(D) None of these
Ans:- (A)

Question No: 15. Which place was called as “Mini Switzerland” by Mahatma Gandhi?
(A) Kausani,
(B) Pauri,
(C) Kathgodam,
(D) Nainital
Ans:- (A)

Question No: 16. where is Chittai temple?
(A) Nainital,
(B) Almora,
(C) Ramnagar,
(D) Champawat
Ans:- (B)

Question No: 17. first Chief Minister of Uttarakhand?
(A) Nityanand Swami,
(B) Surjeet Singh Barnala,
(C) Govind Ballabh Pant,
(D) Narain Dutt Tiwari
Ans:- (A)

Question No: 18. The Tiffin Top situated in ?
(A) Nainital,
(B) Bhimtal,
(C) Haldwani,
(D) Ranikhet
Ans:- (A)

Question No: 19. By which name is the Haridwar known?
(A) Kumbh Nagri,
(B) Sant Nagri,
(C) Ganga Nagri,
(D) (A) and (B) both
Ans:- (D)

Question No: 20. Who discovered Nainital Lake in 1841?
(A) Peter Berren,
(B) Moti Ram,
(C) Mister Trail,
(D) Lord Curgon
Ans:- (A)

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