Uttarakhand Gk in English

Famous place Gk

1 Which place was called as “Mini Switzerland” by Mahatma Gandhi :

A. Kausani
B. Pauri
C. Kathgodam
D. Nainital

2. Kempty Falls are situated in:

A. Mussoorie
B. Nainital
C. Lansdown
D. Almora

3. Lansdown is situated in which district of Uttarakhand?

A. Chamoli
B. Haridwar
C. Pauri
D. Pithoragarh

4. Famous Surya Temple of Uttarakhand is in:

A. Baijnath
B. Dwarhat
C. Bhimgoda
D. Katarmal

5. Joshimath is situated in:

A. Pauri
B. Uttarkashi
C. Almora
D. Chamoli

6. Naina Devi Temple is situated in:

A. Rishikesh
B. Almora
C. Nainital
D. none

7. Omkareshwar temple of Uttarakhand is situated in:

A. Joshimath
B. Kalimath
C. Ukhimath
D. Adi Badri

8. Chittai temple is in:

A. Nainital
B. Almora
C. Ramnagar
D. Champawat

9. Who discovered Nainital Lake in 1841?

A. Peter Berren
B. Moti Ram
C. Mister Trail
D. Lord Curgon

10. Almora’s famous Golu Devta temple is ?

A. Jageshar Temple
B. Chittai Temple
C. Drongiri Temple
D. Kasar devi Temple

11. Famous Kedarnath Temple is situated in?

A. Rudraprayag
B. Uttarkashi
C. Chamoli
D. Tehri

12. Hemkund Lake is Surrounded by :

A. 5 Mountains
B. 6 Mountains
C. 7 Mountains
D. 8 Mountains


1 A
7 C
2 A
8 B
3 C
9 A
4 D
10 B
5 D
11 A
6 C
12 C

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