UKSSSCJOB is one stop destination in helping you understand yourself, the best career guidance for you and providing all the resources in the process.

Our Mission:

“To transform lives by bringing career guidance & mentorship within easy reach of all those who need it.”

Our Vision:

UKSSSCJOB came into being out of a passion for helping students find the right career paths for themselves. Currently, students are confused and pushed in all directions by various influencers – parents, extended family members, family friends, peers, teachers, common stereo types – everyone seems to have an opinion. Large scale ignorance about viable career options prevails. UKSSSCJOB effectively does away with this, and provides comprehensive assessment, guidance & counseling to school students from Classes 8 through 12. This is our immediate plan.

Going forward, we also plan to provide guidance to graduates and post-graduates who need specialized and in-depth advice to further their careers in a specific direction, or who may even want to change their fields. Additionally, Career Express will help working professionals to climb the corporate ladder, get that promotion that is eluding them or land their dream job.

But through all this, Career Express doesn’t want to be ‘just another career guidance company.’ We want to make a social impact. Market research shows that little is being done for lower-tier schools and government schools. Our vision extends to working with the Government and relevant NGOs to be able to extend the services mentioned above to the not-so-privileged too. We will dedicate a large part of our effort towards this goal. We believe that when people are placed in the right careers and jobs, they will live happy and productive lives leading to a happy and productive society too!